I have a humanist and holistic approach to my work. I don’t do therapy by numbers or try to fit your needs into some standard technique. Rather, I draw upon a whole range of approaches to help you get to where you want to be. If you care less about techniques and more about results, this page will be of academic interest only.

There are, however, those who like to understand the basis on which I work and who have a preference for a particular approach. If you are one of these people, this page briefly outlines the main ways in which I can work with you.

Reflective counselling
This is about helping you to work out your own solutions by listening carefully to what you say and reflecting this back to you in ways that allow you to see the issues in new ways.

Psychotherapy allows you to build a more psychologically informed understanding of who you are and how you interact in the world. It is a collaborative approach in which we work together to analyze what the issues are and what approaches might be effective in responding to them.

inner child work
This unique and highly effective form of inner child work allows a person to have a direct experience with the inner child. Inner child work is very different from talk therapy, it is a gentle process which safely allows you to access and heal hidden areas and memories.  Profound changes often occur within the first few sessions. I provide gentle guidance and protection for those who are ready to get to know their inner child. This is a most delightful way to work, getting to know the authentic ‘You’ is a blessing and helps to make spontaneous change possible.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
NLP is a very structured way of understanding behavioral patterns, and effective ways of achieving our goals. NLP has also been used to analyze how & why different therapeutic techniques work, and to distill them into approaches that maximize their effectiveness.

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which we are extremely relaxed, comfortable and free from distraction. There is nothing mystical or magical about it: we all enter a hypnotic state every time we find ourselves engrossed in a book or film. Hypnosis is a valuable tool when you are seeking to free yourself from old habits or fears, or when you lack conscious clarity about what it is you want.

Life coaching
Coaching is mostly aimed at those who have very clear goals or ambitions, and want help in maximizing the speed and effectiveness with which you achieve them. Sessions are usually conducted by phone or Skype to fit in with people’s busy schedules, but can be face-to-face if preferred.

Past Life Regression
Past life regression is a fascinating experience whether working on a specific problem or ‘simply curious’. No belief in past lives is necessary. There are a few schools of thought as to what the actual experience is and each experience is unique. This has always been a fascinating area of work and profound change is possible working in this way. In my decades of experience I have seen huge benefits from working with this deeper level of consciousness and spirituality.

Shamanic Healing
Healing the ‘Light Body’ is a very gentle process where not much talking is necessary. We work with the energy that surrounds the ‘outer’ physical body and release any blocked energy within the ‘inner’ physical body.

Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval is a way of working both within conventional psychotherapy and Shamanic practice. We look to the Soul as a timeless part of ourselves, parts of which can be ‘lost’ at any point where a perceived traumatic experience take place. Reconnecting with part of our Soul/Psyche allows one to feel more whole again and enables a great deal of healing to take place.