Practical constraints mean that not everyone can benefit from personal consultations, so I offer a series of four CDs which you can listen to on your stereo or PC, or download to an ipod or mp3 player.

$50 for all four cds & $10 postage.

19mins 26sec
Lunchtime Relaxation

A gentle relaxation which will leave you feeling refreshed and de-stressed – can be downloaded onto your ipod or mp3 player to be used at anytime through the day when you do not need to remain alert.

30mins 47sec
Weight and Self Image

The message held within this CD is to see yourself as you would like to be and to gain control of eating habits. You will get a clear image of your goal and gain the motivation to work towards that goal.

24mins 18sec
Health and Wellbeing

The message within this CD is about appreciation – appreciation of yourself and the world around you. Listening to this CD on a regular basis along with Self Image will transform your view of yourself not only physically but open you up to possibility of more confidence and freedom of mind.

16mins 12sec
Healing Guide

This is a gentle relaxation with the clear intention of using your mind in a more effective way to assist in healing not only physical discomfort but also discomfort of the mind and emotions.