Healing Programs for First Nations Youth

Changes in Mind “Healing Program for First Nations’ Youth” offers a program of hope and healing specifically for First Nations’ youth looking to find a path to empowerment to make real change.

The program is designed to create hope. Youth need hope. Hope to become their authentic self. Hope to take their place in the community. Hope to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Changes in Mind will help youth to meet life challenges through a multi-dimensional, 6-month healing, counselling and life-coaching program.

Our goal is to empower, support and motivate youth to face and overcome obstacles, enabling them to make the right choices, own their stories and in so doing become the person they are meant to be – choosing their individual pathways. We help youth define themselves as someone who has the ability to reach their potential.

Our Approach

Our heart-centered work is spiritual-based and uses a holistic and dynamic approach. It is a fluid model that allows for engagement with a variety of methods and tools, all within a safe and respectful environment. Changes in Mind keeps group dynamics and individual sessions at the forefront of the course, hence, the in-person workshops are open-ended to gain maximum benefits and true transformation (i.e., days may be as long as 12 hours).

The program applies a variety of inspirational therapies, which may include, but is not limited to: storytelling, writing, art, drumming, singing, dreaming, energy cleansing, creating a personal life wheel and other healing practices that are supported by the group.

Program Objectives

Throughout the program several objectives will be met, youth will:

  • Enjoy a safe space to be heard, acknowledged and respected;
  • Be encouraged to “let go” of the factors that have held them back and released from old ways of knowing;
  • Become empowered to write their own story;
  • Create a support system;
  • Obtain tools to deal with challenges;
  • Apply healing methods for personal use;
  • Feel motivated to create a clearer vision of the future;
  • Gain the confidence needed to make positive changes in their life that are meaningful to them and/or the community;
  • Possess the attitude and vision to clearly see a successful, healthy future.

Intended Participants

The program is designed for youth ages 17-24 (post-secondary school or not currently enrolled in secondary education). Participants must be willing and wanting to create personal change and transform their lives.

The power of healing is most powerful in a group. We look for a minimum of 10 youth participants in each group, plus a mentor from the community (e.g., an individual in the community willing to learn and take on a mentorship role in the future, such as a health practitioner, social worker, elder, spiritual guide or other community member identified by the contractor) for maximum benefit and success.

Program Structure

This is designed as a 6-month program and is delivered in person and by audio-video as follows:

  • Month 1: 4-day workshop (Friday to Monday)
  • Months 2 to 6: 2-day workshop each month (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Weekly: Sessions via audio-video with program facilitators
  • Peer support: “Buddies” and structure for peer support will be set up during the first workshop.

Changes in Mind Facilitators

With nearly 50 years of experience between them Caroline Newman and Daniel Leonard bring vast knowledge, experience, and commitment to their healing work. They have a shared passion in working with people to help them through many types of mental and emotional suffering and traumas to restore the embodied self to harmony. Caroline and Daniel are continually reaching out to learn from other like-minded practitioners, taking courses, workshops, and seminars to enrich their knowledge and skills and adopt new ways and ideas to enhance their assessment abilities and techniques.

Caroline is a healer currently working from Vancouver Island. As a Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Shamanic Practitioner with 30 years of experience, working with both individuals and groups, she draws from all aspects of her clinical and spiritual knowledge along with many traditional and alternative methods (e.g., Hypnosis, Inner-child Healing, Soul Journeying, Emotional Freedom Technique) to help her clients to reconnect their souls and psyches creating the path towards wholeness, where true healing occurs. Caroline brings people together fragmented in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions creating personal reconnections and balance in their lives.

Daniel is a Reiki Master and Shamanic practitioner working from southern Ontario. He has practiced over 18 years helping hundreds of people heal and recover from traumas and other ailments through his work with Reiki and Soul Retrieval. Combining both Reiki and Shamanic practice, he treats the spiritual aspect of illness helping clients’ return to a state of wholeness and balance while developing positive, healthy, supportive patterns. This type of healing is particularly helpful for the treatment of traumas such as sexual, physical, and emotional abuse; accidents; loss; long term depression; and grief.

For more information and credentials, please visit Caroline’s and Daniel’s respective websites www.changesinmind.com and www.medicinecircle.ca.

Program Contact Information

Caroline Newman, Programs Director Email: [email protected]